2021 Winners

Photographer: Melanie Cornelius
Title: Spring-Buck-features

Abstract Category Winner & Photographer of the year

There are many images that flood social media each day. When you are driving in a National Park or Game Park we often shoot images that are the same as many others out there. In this particular instance, there were other photographers with me and they were capturing the whole animal in its environment. I waited for him to turn parallel to the vehicle. I loved the lines and the texture of the animal.  The way the Sun had caught him made for a perfect Low Key image and I had the black and white conversion in mind as soon as my finger pressed the trigger. Even in life if we change our perspective a little it can certainly change the way we see things. Art is about capturing the attention of our audience for long enough so it can stimulate the viewer.

Abstract Category Winner & Photographer of the year
Photographer: Tim Driman
Title: Down the hatch

Wildlife Category Winner

As we slowly moved along the Chobe River in the very early morning, I noticed this African Darter dive under the surface, so I followed the small tell-tale line of bubbles on the surface through my viewfinder. The Darter then popped up with a small fish which it had speared with it’s sharp, recurved beak.

The little fish was too big to handle in the water, so the Darter made it’s way to the river bank, where it proceeded to shake and wriggle until the fish came free from the beak , as the Darter expertly flipped it head-first into it’s throat. It took a while, but eventually the little fish disappeared down it’s throat. Camera Used: Sony A1 / Sony 600mmf4 +1.4xTC      1/2,500sec f9     ISO 2,000     Captured 28th August 2021

Wildlife Category Winner
Photographer: JCclick Photography
Title: Wherever the wind may take us

Wedding Category Winner

If we allow the wind to take hold of us every now and then, we might just be surprised of how far it can take us and bring us to a place that we had never expected to be.

Camera: 5D Mark IV 50mm Sigma 2,8f

Photographer: Lionell Botha
Title: Covid Valentine

Conceptual Category Winner

Valentine’s Day is usually symbolised by red roses, candle light dinners and a time to celebrate love. This year, however, was different for many people, Valentines Day brought with it, at best being covered up having to wear a face mask and rushing home before the curfew, and at worst, remembering loved ones who are, unfortunately,  no longer with us due to Covid-related illness.

The person was photographed shrouded and anonymous so that the viewer can add their personal valentines narrative to what they are looking at.

Conceptual Category Winner
Photographer: Charlaine Gerber
Title: The cattle herd in the mist

Editorial Category Winner

This photo was taken in the mist when the Cattle Herd was herding them to the area where they will be grazing for the day. I loved the way he handled them, gently, but firmly. The different patterns of the the cattle was beautiful and as they walked on the dirt road with the Cows protecting the calfs. Such a typical Africa photo.

Photographers: Bertus Hanekom
Title: White horse

Fine Art Category winner

This image was taken before sunrise on a misty late winter’s morning in the Overberg. From what I’ve read, in many older cultures a white horse symbolises purity, heroism or death. In this case, I tend to lean towards the first option. To me, the scene conjures up a sense of purity and simplicity – a glimpse of simpler times.

Photographers: Pieter Pieters
Title: Window to the soul

Portraiture Category winner

I Love Capturing someone’s look and also how deep emotions the eye holds and wanted to showcase it in this image with all the focus on the eye’s.

Photographer: Nicolene Cresswell
Title: Rocky blues

Landscape Category Winner

Where solid and fluid collide giving and taking in perfect harmony

Landscape Category Winner
Photographer: Joseph Abbey Mensah
Title: Makola

Fashion Category Winner

MAKOLA is the Pre Fall range of 2021 whose creative concept by Me pays homage to Ghanaian street photography of the 1950’s, pioneered by artists like James Barnor. This campaign is inspired by the female muse captured so frequently in these images, riffing off the tones, hues and shapes of the decade.

Fashion Category Winner
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